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Update from Popcorn Sales

Thank you for your wonderful contribution towards LAF popcorn sales, which ended on April 29th, last Friday.

The foundation had a sale of $2100.00, which half of that amount will be donated to the foundation. With the funds the foundation have purchased an electric bike for a double amputee Jacob Urbowicz, who lives in Mount Vernon, IL, in the amount of $960.00 from Amazon. The bike will be mailed directly to his home address.

I will continue to update you with pictures and all when he receives the bike.

In the meantime, during the month of April, LAF donated flowers to twenty individuals at the Kessler Rehabilitation Center, JFK Hospital and to a few at home.

My work is cut out for me. In all if it wasn't for you, none of my effort would have been accomplished. Your trust and believing in me have not gone unnoticed.

With a grateful heart- I appreciate it.

Lydia Gray

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