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5K Walk

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

October 9th, 2021, Lydia Amputees Foundation held its first fundraising event, Lydia Walk for Amputees. The event was held at the Alvin Williams Memorial Park, Woodbridge, NJ. From that event/Walk, the foundation raised $13,000.00 (thirteen thousand dollars). The proceeds were donated to amputees and disabled individuals in need.

The foundation was able to donate funds and devices to 20 individuals within the United States and Sierra Leone. The pictures below depicted the 5K Walk/event, as well as individuals’ funds and devices distributed to recipients.

The 5K Walk was a success as it was the first time to host an event/Walk to help amputees. There were about 100 participants who joined in the fun of walking on a beautiful cool day.

The next 5K Walk is scheduled for October 8th, 2022, at the same location.